May 28, 2012

Amidst the sea of images that haunt these halls
I see faces
And memories
And thoughts
Bring about a sense of analysis
That brings one back to what truly matters

And while that’s different for everyone
It helps everyone to realize what we want most from life
What we find is missing
What we miss
And to realize what we can do to see a warmer tomorrow



May 27, 2012

When it was pitch black
And my feet couldn’t follow suit
I relied on you to guide me

And more often than not
Your hand grasped mine
And led it towards the light
Of a better way

But this trial was something else
My palm was parched in the desert,
Waterboarded in interrogation,
Crying out for help,
And you pulled yourself from
Your promises

I don’t know how much it cost me
But I relied on your hand to be there
When my fingertips soared through the air
In search for yours

And although you threw me a life jacket,
You never did what I wanted,
What I needed,
You never grabbed my hand

What’s done is done
And I’ll never get to know “What If,”
But I’m stuck in this endless maze
With that cumbersome question
Keeping me in

What is it that we share?



July 16, 2011

A fire inside me
drives me,
makes me,
into something otherworldly.

To yearn,
to wish,
to dream,
to hope,
to do.

I want to move,
I want to turn these thoughts
into actions,
I want to release what’s inside of me,
set it free
to roam the air,
to illuminate the night,
and emit its brilliance.

I’m releasing the flame,
without care of your opinion.



April 23, 2011

And thanks to the people
Who made it harder on me
Who pushed me down
Who trashed on me

You let me rise back up
And kick the dirt off me

Now I’m higher than before
Cleaner than before
And I’m sure as hell
Stronger than before

So thanks for the harm you tried to cause me

Because now I’m better than ever
Happier than ever
More alive than ever

And it’s all thanks to you.

So thank you once again,
For going through the trouble,
Letting people know just how low you can go,
Letting them see just how tough I can be.

I simply can’t help but thank you.



April 21, 2011

They come in sets of twos,
Or misfortunately more.

Sets of parents wondering what’s on their child’s mind
Sets of teachers wondering where their student’s mind’s gone
Sets of friends wondering where their friend’s loyalty’s gone

Sets of girls and boys,
Playing these silly little games
Not knowing where it’ll end
Not knowing what exactly they’re doing
Not knowing what exactly they’re getting themselves into.

But at the same time,
They’re all being affected by the effects of love
And maybe not the real love,
But that love teenagers believe in.
The one that makes them think they’re head over heels about someone
Or the one that just keeps them out of being alone

And its this teenage love that leads to the most broken hearts.
This teenage love that leads to the most broken smiles,
Messed up friendships,
Screwed up rumors,
Late nights crying,
And real time passing.

But it’s also this love
That ignites a smile,
And teaches these teens
About mistakes in life,
Mistakes that will hurt them less now,
No matter how deep their wounds may seem.

This love has affected millions
And I’m just another,



March 17, 2011

One step back
before taking two steps forward
like the minute-hand on the clock

Back, then forth.

Fall, then rise.

Cry, then laugh.

Back, then forth.

Illegal to move forward
in simplicity?

Find a black hole,
appear ahead with no fall or cry

Sights set ahead,
strain and tension in my arms
as my fists are clenched
and my nails dig into my palms
and my feet push
but all I feel is a pull.

Call me a rebel,
but my desires aren’t on the menu.

One order of forth, no back please.



February 23, 2011

Crisp mascara
and burnt red lipstick

A changing me
and a gaining of you

But what if I didn’t
what if I stayed the same?

Would I still gain you?
Or would it be losing what I never had?