February 20, 2011


A few letters
strung up together,
and they’re supposed to express
the rainbow in my heart?

The thunder in my brain,
the numbness in my fingers,
the pep in my step,
and the ignition of my smile?

No, these words are useless,
words that sit there
and reveal only certain parts of the puzzle,
not the whole picture,
sometimes not even most.

I look and I want to speak,
I want to tell you how I feel,
but the world is judging
and I can’t grasp the right words,
and time is passing,
and emotions are flowing,
and it’s gone.

The moment’s passed,
and it’s too late.

It’s gone.



  1. The craft and beauty of your poem undermines one of its assertions, that these words are useless. I like the effect, “…strung up together…”.

    • Haha, very good point. Thank you for reading!

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