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February 23, 2011

Crisp mascara
and burnt red lipstick

A changing me
and a gaining of you

But what if I didn’t
what if I stayed the same?

Would I still gain you?
Or would it be losing what I never had?



April 18, 2010

Let’s get out of this town,
let’s pull the plug,
and let it flood for a while.

Let’s vacate our minds,
let’s not test the waters,
let’s jump in, head first.

Let’s shake the world,
let’s make a change,
and let’s vary the spices.

Let’s build a nest,
let’s save the eggs,
let’s sing with the birds.

Let’s take out the pins,
let’s go back to nature,
and let’s sway with the wind.

Let’s look up to the stars,
from different parts of town,
and dance in the midnight fog,
and feel the dew on our skins,
and the life underneath.



March 17, 2010

Photos on the wall,
faces crowd,
but no one’s around.

The music plays,
the ground is shaking,
but the buzzing deafens.

Feet move on the floor,
destinations set,
but life intervenes.

Cups are stacked,
quantity lessens,
but things are only getting better.

The hinges are still,
movement undetected,
but the fence can swing.

Intensity fills the air,
questions answered,
but nothing’s changed.



March 9, 2010

You’ve got the passion,
you’ll go far kid.
You’ve got it in you,
I know you’ll make it through.

You were my sun,
and I was your star.

Because of you,
I am inspired,
I am reborn,
I am on higher ground,
I am no longer bound.

These chains will no longer
hold me.
I am free,
I can feel the liberty in me.

I am better,
I am stronger,
and I shine
brighter than ever,
and I owe it all
to you.

You who I have seen
rise from the dust
like a phoenix reborn.

You who is responsible,
responsible for me,
for the new,
the new me.