February 21, 2011


And then there’s lightening.
A doubt.

There’s a doubt in my mind,
and I can’t let it go.
It clings to every word,
and it won’t let go.

It’s sucking the positivity
out of me,
and I, I can’t breathe.

I want reassurance,
I want this dreadful thing to go away.
This doubt is not welcome.

Talk to me,
reassure me,
so this doubt can go away;
and again,
we can be smooth sailing.



  1. Ah, those moments of doubt when one longs for clarity….we all dread them. We all have them. But, then there are those Divine moments when we receive a knowing, a sureness that we need not question. I have learned that I need to wait when I doubt. It means, for me, that either now is not the right time, or perhaps it is something I should not do at all. Thanks for your poem to remind us of this. Hugs, pat

    • Thank you! Thank you for sharing your insight :]

  2. Communication. Raw and fierce and honest. The key to all our prison doors.

    It gets hot behind these masks we find ourselves wearing, doesn’t it?

    Such a relief to take them off.

    Thank you for sharing this poem (:

  3. Beautiful.

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