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March 17, 2011

One step back
before taking two steps forward
like the minute-hand on the clock

Back, then forth.

Fall, then rise.

Cry, then laugh.

Back, then forth.

Illegal to move forward
in simplicity?

Find a black hole,
appear ahead with no fall or cry

Sights set ahead,
strain and tension in my arms
as my fists are clenched
and my nails dig into my palms
and my feet push
but all I feel is a pull.

Call me a rebel,
but my desires aren’t on the menu.

One order of forth, no back please.



March 13, 2010

Whatever is pulling you
seems to be stronger than me,
because I can no longer hold you down.

Your footsteps fade,
and there’s no sound,
just me and the wind,
breathing in and out.

My mailbox is empty,
and so is my heart.
In this story,
I now refuse to take part.

I will not be the pitied girl,
Whom you can holler at
when you please.

You closed the door on me,
and now I’m shutting you out.

I’ll fight fire with fire,
I won’t let myself burn.
You thought you’d won?

Well guess again,
because two can play this game.