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May 28, 2012

Amidst the sea of images that haunt these halls
I see faces
And memories
And thoughts
Bring about a sense of analysis
That brings one back to what truly matters

And while that’s different for everyone
It helps everyone to realize what we want most from life
What we find is missing
What we miss
And to realize what we can do to see a warmer tomorrow



April 23, 2011

And thanks to the people
Who made it harder on me
Who pushed me down
Who trashed on me

You let me rise back up
And kick the dirt off me

Now I’m higher than before
Cleaner than before
And I’m sure as hell
Stronger than before

So thanks for the harm you tried to cause me

Because now I’m better than ever
Happier than ever
More alive than ever

And it’s all thanks to you.

So thank you once again,
For going through the trouble,
Letting people know just how low you can go,
Letting them see just how tough I can be.

I simply can’t help but thank you.