May 27, 2012

When it was pitch black
And my feet couldn’t follow suit
I relied on you to guide me

And more often than not
Your hand grasped mine
And led it towards the light
Of a better way

But this trial was something else
My palm was parched in the desert,
Waterboarded in interrogation,
Crying out for help,
And you pulled yourself from
Your promises

I don’t know how much it cost me
But I relied on your hand to be there
When my fingertips soared through the air
In search for yours

And although you threw me a life jacket,
You never did what I wanted,
What I needed,
You never grabbed my hand

What’s done is done
And I’ll never get to know “What If,”
But I’m stuck in this endless maze
With that cumbersome question
Keeping me in

What is it that we share?


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