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February 23, 2011

Crisp mascara
and burnt red lipstick

A changing me
and a gaining of you

But what if I didn’t
what if I stayed the same?

Would I still gain you?
Or would it be losing what I never had?



February 20, 2011


A few letters
strung up together,
and they’re supposed to express
the rainbow in my heart?

The thunder in my brain,
the numbness in my fingers,
the pep in my step,
and the ignition of my smile?

No, these words are useless,
words that sit there
and reveal only certain parts of the puzzle,
not the whole picture,
sometimes not even most.

I look and I want to speak,
I want to tell you how I feel,
but the world is judging
and I can’t grasp the right words,
and time is passing,
and emotions are flowing,
and it’s gone.

The moment’s passed,
and it’s too late.

It’s gone.



June 10, 2010

These halls are haunting,
my soul is shaking,
my thoughts are bothered,
I’m no longer myself.

What have I turned into?
I don’t recognize my reflection.
These halls have changed me,
I don’t think it’s for the better.

It’s not just these halls,
but the people inside them,
and the desks,
and doors,
and lockers,
and books,
and pencils,
and pens,
and erasers,
and air.

It’s the idea of these halls,
the routine days,
overrated drama,
peer pressure,
and self-identification.

These halls have changed me,
but in the end they will have helped me.

I’m finding myself,
and these halls will help me.



June 9, 2010

“You have been through a lot of pain,
I know the cure may hurt,
but baby girl you’re my sunshine,
You’ll make it through the dirt.”

“Thank you for being there papa,
Thank you for being strong.
I see you cry at night daddy,
Can’t help but cry along.”

“Baby girl, they are tears of joy,
Tears of seeing your smile,
You’re the good in my life,
Dream of walking you down the isle.”

“Oh papa, please don’t be this way,
I am fighting the odds,
But I think I have good chances
Hope you don’t see through my facades.”

“Baby girl, just let it all out,
I will be with you forever,
Hold my hand and give me your pain,
We’ll fight this through together.”



April 27, 2010

Through your eyes,
I see your soul.

Through your eyes,
You see my soul.

Through our eyes,
we see the world,
in a way that only
our eyes could see.

Our eyes are our souls’
Our fingerprints are our bodies’

Our souls want to burst,
burst out into the world,
full blown and in color.

So in every little way possible,
our souls find a way,
to shine outside our spaces.



April 18, 2010

Let’s get out of this town,
let’s pull the plug,
and let it flood for a while.

Let’s vacate our minds,
let’s not test the waters,
let’s jump in, head first.

Let’s shake the world,
let’s make a change,
and let’s vary the spices.

Let’s build a nest,
let’s save the eggs,
let’s sing with the birds.

Let’s take out the pins,
let’s go back to nature,
and let’s sway with the wind.

Let’s look up to the stars,
from different parts of town,
and dance in the midnight fog,
and feel the dew on our skins,
and the life underneath.



April 16, 2010

In this moonlight,
the night is not so dark.

It takes a while,
but I make out the shapes.

The moon makes the leaves glow,
differently than the sun does.

The light is softer,
and compliments its subjects.

The stars exist,
but they make no difference.

My feet gravitate forward,
the anxiety rises, and the intensity lessens.

The moonlight leads me to you,
You too, look different in this light.

I fear the difference may last.
But I’ll wait for the light to change.