April 15, 2010

Walking these hallways,
Crowded yet isolated,
I wonder who I am.

Do I define my world?
Or does my world define me?

I lay my print on the world
and it lays its on me.

I release my thoughts into the world
and absorb oxygen it has to offer.

Do my peace sign earrings
define my need of harmony?

Does my Buddha necklace
define my need for tranquility?

Does my brown knit jacket
define my sense of comfort?

Does my green blouse
define my earthy personality?

Does my leather belt
define my softness?

Do my blue jeans
define my casualty?

Do my cowboy boots
define my individuality?

Do I define me?
Or do you?



  1. This poem rocks. You are cool. Your poem tells me you are a girl. Right? LOL

    • Haha thank you, and yes, I am a girl 🙂

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