April 13, 2010

Do not give me a sip,
share the whole.

You cannot draw me out,
without giving me fair warning.

You cannot lie to me,
without giving me caution.

You cannot quarrel with me,
without giving me fair space.

What you do is not fair,
tis not just,
and tis not right.

I will leave before I bare the sight
of your wing’d heart
soaring through the bright skies,
scaring me,
haunting me,
and soon capturing me.

If it is a war you want,
send the messenger,
and though I’ll kill him,
all shall be fair

In love and war.



  1. Wonderfully penned my young friend.

  2. well delivered.we say that in wars , all means are allowed but not necessarily fair.it’s questionable isn’t it ?

    • Yes, very much so. Thanks for the compliment!

  3. Dear Helia:
    I reviewed all your poems. They are wonderful. Well versed and well thought. Keep up with the good job. The bests are yet to come.
    Love. Amoo

    • Thank you so much Amoo! That sincerely means a lot to me.

  4. wow 🙂

    Shubho nabobarsho, happy new year.

    Please check your spam folder for a comment I will post after this one. Containing urls of some prizes I will love to share with you.

    With warmest wishes,

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