April 3, 2010

I told you from the start,
life with me is not smooth sailing,
but you held on,
until there was nothing left to hold

You had faith,
and although that is applaudable,
you’re not what I’m used to,
so you got hurt,
and so did I.

We were opposites,
and we thought that was enough,
that two halves would make a whole,
sanded and soft,
we thought we’d last
through time, through sickness, through trouble

But it was a conversation,
a phrase,
a sentence,
a word,
a letter

And when this story
comes to an end
we’ll go our separate ways
being nothing
more than memories

Memories floating
in the ocean of thoughts,
and every now and then,
our waves will come
crashing ashore,
and we will remember
we have not forgotten.



  1. When I was 12 years old there were this boy who I liked and he liked me. He rode me to school on his bike every day. We sort of thought ourselves of being boyfriend and girlfriend but of course we were only allowed to to think of each other as good friends. He came over to my house and we sit on the porch and we went to church and sit together, When we were sixteen then we could date and we could be boyfriend and girlfriend. We dated until we were eighteen and then all of a sudden we decided that we had become more like brother and sister so we parted as good friends. We are still to this day good freinds. I love your poem and it brought back so good memories for this old 63 year old women. Thank you. And I declare your writing gets better and better.

    • Reading that made me cry, that’s so sweet! Thank you for your continuous support and compliments, I’m glad my poetry can make you smile 🙂

  2. Very nice last stanza…for me it was the strongest but was setup well by inital lines…well said.

  3. beautiful and sad but true, very well written.

  4. Dear friend,

    I will leave another comment just after it. That will go to spam folder because it contains quite a few urls, the awards I will love to share with you. Please do check the spam folder if you can locate the message, and if you do – please let me know.

    With warmest wishes,

  5. hi, how are yopu doing I’ve got an award for you. http://wordwand.wordpress.com/

  6. So moving..

    The first and last stanzas,
    they made the poem.

    Great writing!!

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