March 24, 2010

Inside my mind,
I thought I was alone,
but you always know
what I’m thinking.

You always have
the perfect things
to say when I’m feeling
down and low.

We don’t share DNA,
but we share more
than that,
we share secrets,
we share sentences,
we share knowledge,
we share a friendship.

Your friendship
means the world to me,
and the world is bigger
than just us, you know.

We’re two peas in a pod,
We’re like pb&j,
We’re like Salt and Pepper,
We’re like keys and locks,

But more importantly,
We’re like sisters.

And like magnets,
our opposites attract.



  1. This is truly a wonderful poem. Good job!

  2. a lovely poem; I appreciate this poem in many aspects; chief among them the good choice of words to convey the idea of empathy or shall I call it fusion between two people.

  3. It’s nice to know that other people can have that sort of feeling, hold on to it! It’s so easy to lose.

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