March 24, 2010

Just when everything gets good,
everything starts falling apart,
and you’re left helpless.

Just when you have a hand to hold,
the metacarpals disappear,
and you’re left reaching.

Just when you’ve found sturdy ground,
the Earth shakes,
and you fall down.

Just when you’re seeing clearly,
you’re glasses break,
and everything is hazy.

Just when you can stand up on your own,
something, anything, has to break,
so you fall, crutches and all.



  1. This so reminds me of some of the short stories that I have read from India…they all seemed to end in tragedy not matter how good things seemed in the being…very clever poem.

    • I should start reading short stories from India…… thanks!

  2. Very well expressed, and very well written. Yes, life is trying that is for sure, but the bad times is what makes us wiser and stronger.

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