March 21, 2010

Why are we stuck?
Stuck here in this routine world.

Doing the same things,
at the same times,
with the same people,
every day.

Life just doesn’t seem
that exciting anymore.

I feel I have
more potential,
than being a puppet
in society’s hands.

There are so many things
that appeal to me
but I’m locked inside
this hidden fence.

I want out,
now more than ever.

I am at the peak
in my life,
and things don’t seem to
be getting better.

Where’s the statue of liberty?
Because I want sovereignty



  1. A good poem expressing your view points on how you feel about certain things that life brings. Have a question. Are you a teenager, if so you write very well to be so young.

    • Thank you, and yes, I am in fact a teenager.

  2. Good poem showing the emotions created with too much routine in ones life…nice job.

  3. hi , happy poetry day, a surprise for you. get it in my blog

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