March 13, 2010

Whatever is pulling you
seems to be stronger than me,
because I can no longer hold you down.

Your footsteps fade,
and there’s no sound,
just me and the wind,
breathing in and out.

My mailbox is empty,
and so is my heart.
In this story,
I now refuse to take part.

I will not be the pitied girl,
Whom you can holler at
when you please.

You closed the door on me,
and now I’m shutting you out.

I’ll fight fire with fire,
I won’t let myself burn.
You thought you’d won?

Well guess again,
because two can play this game.



  1. Sorry if I’m getting annoying 😛 but I don’t know how you do it! I feel like all of your poems are just so relevant and so direct, and just everything I’m feeling these days, so thanks!

    • Are you kidding me? I love getting comments from you and other people. It kind of eggs me on to write, to know that someone’s actually reading my stuff 🙂

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