March 12, 2010

Newton’s Third Law of Motion
clearly states that,
“For every action,
there is an equal
and opposite

I lost track of
the opposite part.

All along,
I loved you.

But blind was my eye,
to your broad actions.
Deaf was my ear,
to your piercing sounds.
Closed was my mouth,
at the opening
of every awkward situation.
Numb was my touch,
to the lack of beating
in your heart.

I was blind,
I was naive,
I felt that my pull,
meant you pulling back,
not you letting go.



  1. Once again, this was great! But I had a question because I read your last stanza like 10 times, and I still dont really understand the last 3 lines, so do you mind explaining it to me? But yeah I loved the meaning of this one, a lot.

    • Yeah, the last three lines kind of go with the whole “Newton’s Third Law” thing, because I thought that by me pulling on one side of the rope, that would mean that the opposing person would be pulling as well, but as I had said before in the poem, I forgot the “opposite” part in the law, so instead of pulling as well, the opposing person let go.
      Hope that made sense!

  2. Haha yeah I get it now :] Ahh that’s so clever–I really like it!

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