March 10, 2010

Can someone remind me

Why did I ever like you?
What appeared in my head?
That makes me turn red
when you’re around.

What do you possess
that’s so unique
that my desire for you
will not let me rue
my days spent
pawning over you.

Why am I running this race?
Where is all of the effort going?
Am I strong enough to stop,
stop and wonder why,
stop and not keep going,
stay behind from the pack,
and wonder where I am,
and who I’ve morphed into.

Why did I like you?
Why do I like you?

And suddenly it’s clear,
There’s no reason.
Not one.



  1. Wow you have no idea how much you made my day by posting this because I really needed to hear something like this. I don’t know if this is what you’re going through, but I definitely relate to this situation. Like I feel like I can’t even believe why I was friends with this person and what I saw in them? And furthermore why I liked them more than a friend? And it burns so deeply–just everything that happened, and I probably don’t even make any sense right now, but just thank you a lot because that’s exactly what’s going through my head these days!

    • No problem! I love writing poetry and it’s just my way of translating my emotions and what’s going on. I’m going through something relative to this right now and it’s just strange to stop and wonder why? I’m glad I could help :]

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