March 8, 2010

I’d love
to have
a love
to love.

But for
you’ll do
just fine.

You’re a
and beyond
you make
me smile.

On my
worst days,
you know
just the
right pick
me up.

I don’t
know what
I have
to deserve
but I
must have
done something
amidst all
of my

I cannot
kiss you,
and my
love for
you is
not of
that kind.

But you’re
an incredible
and that’s
all I can
of you.

For now.



  1. This is incredible! But don’t you ever feel like the fine line between friendship and something more becomes blurred?–and I can never tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Like if you did find yourself falling for a friend, would you throw yourself out there and see if something greater would come out of it, or would you suppress your thoughts in fear of ruining an already good friendship?

    • I have come across this manyyyyy times, mostly it just gets awkward and I hide it, knowing that doing anything about it would most definitely jeopardize the friendship. And so many times, signals get crossed sooooo easily it just creates for more awkward situations.

  2. Isn’t a lover…a friend…why should the lines be blurred…perhaps our expectations of who we should love interfers with love….ah…just a random thought.

    • A lover is a friend, but a friend is not always a lover… you breathe while you sleep, but you don’t sleep while you breathe kind of thing, but you bring up a good point.

  3. love your work and the way you think. don’t ever stop writing.

    I like the way you ended it, you’re keeping your options open knowing that now is not the time. Evoking a kind of love, respect and non-romantic desire. (Just how I read it)

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