March 3, 2010

There is something
so pleasurable
after a long day
of successful,
hard work.

and preperation,
and sacrifice,
All contributed
to accomplishing
something great.

Now this something great,
be it big or small,
is a mark in my history,
saying I have made a difference
and I have done something right

I feel pride,
I feel joy,
and I am not afraid
to show it.

I will share my success,
I will share my news,
and hope others
share my happiness,
just as I would for them.

It is immoral,
more than immoral,
to not be happy for someone,
when they have reached their goal,
or accomplished something great.

Ask yourself,
Who are you to belittle their task?

Do not let your jealousy
get in the way of
your charity.

Light the candle,
don’t blow it out.



  1. love the message here!! i’m including a link to your blog on my own blog if you don’t mind đŸ™‚

  2. OF course I don’t mind! Thank you so much!

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