March 2, 2010

You smiled,
and that did it.

That unwound me,
I lost control of my senses,
and was left seizing.

I wanted that moment
to last forever.

I wanted it to be mine.

I wanted things to stop,
so I could cherish
every bit and angle of you.

Because there is so much more
than meets the eye.

The way your hair
has a life of its own.
The way your eyes
pierce my soul.
The way your frame
intimidates my movement.

The way,
The way you looked at me,
I wish every eye could see.
That smile that lit your face,
Dimples dug,
and eyebrows raised.

The way that
alludes my mind,
The way that
will keep me up tonight,

Will be imprinted
Into my heart.



  1. cutest poem!

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