March 1, 2010

Is it already today?
It seemed like it was just yesterday.
And tomorrow,
Tomorrow today will be yesterday.

And somewhere
in this equation,
is me.

Spinning in time,
back and forth
here and there
left to right
up and down.

I’m always running out,
I get so close,
and then I’m out.

And then the world
seems so big,
and me so small.
Because if I’m traveling
I musn’t be alone.

Who else is out there?
Care to let yourself show?
Am I alone,
or am I not aware
of the things most evident?

Because I see the zebras,
but never the horses,
I see the needle,
but never the hay,
I see Rhode Island,
But never America

Is it just me,
or is there just
not enough time.



  1. i really enjoyed reading this poem. it makes you think about your place in the world along with the effects of time as it passes. keep up the good work and i’m looking forward to reading your other poems in the future!

  2. Another good poem…the phrasing helps to convey the mood of the poem…vey nice job.

  3. thanks!

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