February 24, 2010

You know my thoughts
You know my feelings
You don’t need  a superpower

You moved away
And now I am alone

A few shadows lurk
But none compare
To the ties I shared
With you.

Come back,
I beg of you,
Come back.

I may seem tall and mighty
but it is only a mirage.

I am small
smaller than you’d think.
I am fragile
I can break with a pinch.
I am needy
losing you frightens me.
I am tired
You have worn me down,
Down beyond recognition,
To my core,
To my element.



  1. Sometimes I wonder how we endure the pain of separation…other times I wonder if the pain is real or just a mirage of what we thought the love would be….I enjoy readiing your poems.

  2. Me too, thank you

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